The Truth about the Credit Bureaus and Your Credit Score – Grab your Barf-Bag…

The Credit Bureaus are NOT here to protect you. They are here for one thing and one thing only… to make as much money as humanly possible every single day. The Credit Bureaus are for-profit Companies just like any Publicly traded Company. They do not “Govern” your Credit Report or care about the accuracy of Your Credit Score, but are simply a Broker of Information. The Banks tell them what happened (either you paid or didn’t last month) and they just take the Banks’ word for it… Accuracy is NOT a concern. This is why 90%+ of Credit Reports have errors on them. Worst part is, the Bureaus will sell your personal information without your permission and make hundreds of millions of dollars every quarter doing so. Watch this short video and find out how to keep the Bureaus from selling your personal information for profit, protect your Identity today, and improve Your Credit Score.

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