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Is it a good time to invest in the Stock Market?

CSU Presidents Raise

POLL: Should CSU and UC President’s Receive a Raise?


Real Estate Agents David Stone and Anthony Manzon on what they can do for you!

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Poll: Will the San Diego real estate market cool off or heat up the 2nd half of 2015?

John Case (left) and Money Mike Francisco (center) left Mr. C (right) with a headshot and some parting gifts after a great time on the show!

Are you ready for San Diego Real Estate’s Summer Season?


Reality Stars, Real Estate Teams, and Everything You Need to Make You Smarter on Talking Money with Mr. C


Talking Money with Mr. C: Are Health Savings Accounts All They’re Cracked Up to Be From a Tax Perspective?

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What happens when a Real Estate Agent doesn’t understand contractual time frames? Talking Money with Mr. C

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Why did the NFL decide to give up their Tax Exempt Status?

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The Mortgage Credit Certificate Program Explained


How Student Loans Affect Your Credit Score – Mr Credit


Hot and Cold areas of the San Diego real estate market


Talking Money with Mr. C: March 29th, 2015

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What you should know about the Downtown San Diego Real Estate Market, Solar Panel Installation, and preparing to buy a home.


What will it take to get millenials into the Real Estate Market?


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